Friday, April 23, 2010

What will the future hold?

My closest friends from back home in Baltimore are really doing things in life. I admire the friendships i made with these young men. Robert "Donte" Avery, Raymond "Smiley" Smith, Darius "Ziggy" White and Charles "CJ" Johnson. Five young men from Baltimore, one of the roughest cities in the US, refuse to become another statistic. Each of us making moves with our lives. Mr. Popular Smiley, I see him being a politician, socialite, tv personaility, something, people will no that name. Cj work that ass of up towson, you know the whole crew going be in the camera during the draft and if that dont work out you one of the funniest most creative person I know, but that to use. Zig Mr. future architect, house design free of charge?? lol. And last but not least, Rob going impact the youth child the lives of young ppl one day..... all speculations, but only time will tell what the future will old.

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